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Fri, May 13th 2011, 13:10
Blueberry Intervention  

I spent about 3 hours on this:

I would've spent even more had it not be for Overkill. He helped me figure out what needed fixing (the lighting) and how to do it. There just wasn't a lot of room to put in a specular highlight and a crown on each while having them in different orientations so they didn't look like a bunch of clones. I am mostly pleased with the results.

Overkill was also helpful in another way: He told me to knock it off and stop wasting time on something so trivial. He is cool like that. Anyhow, there are more little fruits, but those will be showcased along with (and in) proper screenshots once I have these implemented in the game. With any luck I won't miss the next Gruedorf deadline.


Wed, May 4th 2011, 16:28
Name Shame  

Very light update this week. The biggest change to mechanics is the addition of an incremental difficulty level. Prior to this, it was possible (and easy) to play indefinitely. Several hours were also spent toiling over the behavior and details of the "naming" system. This is probably time poorly spent, but it's already done and I like adding little touches.