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Thu, Nov 19th 2009, 20:16
Old is the New New  

A brand new build has been released. In it you get:

* Old, outdated engine version. (Wait, is that good?)
* Approximately +30% performance gain. (Yes, it is.)
* Intermittent crashes resolved. (Quite good, in fact.)

So, it's the exact same, but better. The only thing that isn't 100% internal (read: you could notice, but won't so I'm drawing attention to it here) is that the random emblem generation is a fair bit better about picking colors. Retroactively adding new improvements to an old engine proved to be pretty mind-numbing, so I wanted something trivial and visual to offset the pain.

Head on over to the Oxidus website to upgrade if you haven't already.


Tue, Nov 10th 2009, 20:33
Oxidus Open Beta  

Oxidus has arrived. Head on over to the Oxidus website to download the client and sign up for an account. It is believed to be stable, but please notify me of any problems you're having. Any and all feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Existing beta accounts have not been purged. So, if you've already been playing, you won't need to sign up again; just grab the latest version of the client and you'll be on your way.

Good luck and have fun. I'll see you on the battlefield.