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Wed, Oct 28th 2009, 18:38

Although I poked a few things with Oxidus this week, most of my effort was put into the Gruedorf page. Those of you who visited late last week will notice that it has changed yet again. It's mostly superficial changes; I like nothing more than tirelessly adjusting layouts and tweaking colors. Honest. The end result is a much more elegant thing, which is what I wanted all along.

It's not all just fluff, though. Each user profile now has a handy timeline too! Using bright, cheerful colors, it illustrates just how well a participant has (not) performed over the course of Gruedorf. There are some more features I'd like add, but for the immediate future I'd like to get back to Oxidus. Happy 'dorfing to you all!


Wed, Oct 21st 2009, 13:45
I Don't Give A Dorf  

I don't know why I waited until mid-week to push this out, but here's the fruit of my weekend:

Gruedorf 2.0

While it looks somewhat different, functionally it's very close to how was before. The bulk of actual improvement was done on the backend, so future improvements and features should be significantly easier to implement. I can't express how bad it used to be; there just are no words.

Feedback is, of course, welcomed and encouraged.


Wed, Oct 7th 2009, 22:18
Failure Abounds  

The cause of the combat anomalies continues to elude me. I am fast approaching the point where I just rewrite huge blocks of the combat engine until it goes away. This makes me die a little inside.

In other news: as I'm writing this, every participant in Gruedorf is failing.

Every. Single. One.

This makes me die a little more inside.