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Mon, Sep 28th 2009, 13:11
Lateral Bombs  

Well, I've been working towards getting Oxidus to play nice with Verge 3.2. After a fixing a handful of problems caused by my slapdash OO practices the game was up and running (albeit with a slightly diminished framerate, which I suspect is related to classes being defined in lua instead of C now). So I did a couple test battles and everything was looking good: enemies were popping in and out of existance, bombs were dropping sideways, entities were moving at irregular speeds, wait.. that's not good.

So yeah, everything works except combat. I still can't figure it out. For some reason it is just horribly, terribly broken, except that it still "works". But it's as if the numbers suddenly decided it would be fun to randomly go to the wrong place. I can find no sane explanation. So, in short, everything went better than expected until it went worse than expected.

That's all I've got this week.


Fri, Sep 18th 2009, 09:23
Vista Ho!  

Changes, in (approximate) order of importance:

* Vista support! This was, in reality, my fault all along; Vista's stricter socket rules exposed the error of my ways.
* Sludge accumulated on the player ship now deteriorates over time. The rate of deterioration is inversely related to the ship's hull volume.
* Assault durations are significantly shorter and more uniform (~50-90 seconds).
* You can now pan the sector map camera by holding right click and "pushing" in a direction.
* Panels highlighted for a tutorial panels now blink briefly to make them more apparent.
* Fixed a bug that allowed notched sliders to be set to intermediary values.


* Light audio clean-up work
* A few bits of additional combat art
* Much dreaded porting to Verge 3.2

Really everything is going swimmingly. Beta player feedback is increasingly positive and I'm steadily progressing toward the finish line.


Fri, Sep 11th 2009, 16:10

The weapon system improvements took a bit more work than originally expected, but are now in place and will only need minor number tweaking. It's pretty lightweight, but definitely makes things more interesting.

The strobe is now a significantly tougher customer. When it flashes, the player's directional controls are temporarily scrambled, making even basic evasion difficult.

And a couple ugly (but simple) bugfixes:
* Fixed a bug that allowed players to attack multiple planets simultaneously.
* Fixed a bug that could cause parts of the player hull to be drawn over the near-death flash.

I know I said I'd give some chatter about these changes, but I want to wait until I've actually pushed the next release out. I've still got a few more bits to tackle this week and then we'll be there. Stay tuned!


Fri, Sep 4th 2009, 17:02
Lots of Changes  

Quick and dirty patch notes style!

Shield / Damage Revision:

* All collisions lower the shield's level by (at least, see below) 1.
* Damage from a single source exceeding the shield's Threshold causes shields to fail immediately.
* After total failure, shields are restored after twice the normal restoration time.
* Value ranges for shields have been rebalanced with the new damage system in mind.
* Enemy damage outputs have been adjusted to better fit the new damage scale.

Miscellaneous Changes:

* Client can now remember password between sessions.
* Ship's now fire over their slime layer where appropriate.
* The mass penalty for raising hull capacity now scales with the hull's mass.
* Hull volume and mass values have been adjusted significantly.

Slated for next week:

* Soup up the weapon system. How? I'll never tell!
* Shorten the amount of time that a battle can take.
* Give the Strobes a much needed shot in the arm.

I'll likely take some time to actually discuss all of these changes in next week's post. After that it will be time to move to a Vista-friendly engine release. I'm not looking forward to it, but it needs doing.