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Fri, May 29th 2009, 00:01
We Get Signal  

Moving is mostly completed and was thankfully uneventful. Everything is, more or less, back to normal. Since I'm tired and in a hurry to get myself out of the red on the Gruedorf Scoreboard, this will be brief.

I did a lot of little improvements to the text for various tooltips. Unique, per-unit-type tooltips were added to the defensive setup screen; each unit's purpose is significantly more obvious to players yet to become experienced veterans.

The gravity ship's mechanics have been reworked to be a little more "correct". Its power is still based upon the distance between it and the player, bu the distances is now between the closest edges, not the centerpoints. It definitely "feels" better now. Additionally, a number of visual tweaks (mostly experimental) have been thrown in to try and easily convey the gravity ship's behavior without being obnoxious; this has been surprisingly difficult.


Wed, May 20th 2009, 15:14
Preemptive Strike  

I am in the process of moving and will be without internet for an indefinite amount of time, so I'm posting early as I won't be able to make my regularly scheduled slot.

Progress has been light this week. I knocked out a couple kinks in the initial battle behavior, everything works as intended now.


Fri, May 15th 2009, 16:31

I'm not going to lie. The reason I missed my post deadline this week (and, indeed, why my posts have been so shallow for a while now) is that I have been sucked in back into Guild Wars in a bad, bad way.

The good news is that today I buckled down and crashed through the biggest immediate hurdle: adding a "tutorial" battle. This was was kind of tricky because normally battles are spawned out of a whole bunch of user defined values, and here I needed a fixed setup, but it also needed to not break when I make some inevitable changes to the battle stuff further down the line.

I ended up making a compromise. It's definitely not 100% future-proof but it should be pretty simple to patch it up in the event that it does need it. Yep, that's my story.

There are a few more little things that need doing and then, depending on how the art situation is looking, we'll be ready to roll for phase II of testing. I'm starting to get excited again, which can only be a good thing.


Thu, May 7th 2009, 22:31
Explanation Optional  

Pretty minor update again. The "tutorial" system has been properly hooked up to the server and you may now choose to opt out of it if you already know how everything works (or of you're feeling reckless). One of these days I'll get a good solid grind in and push out the next phase of testing; it can't come soon enough.