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Wed, Mar 25th 2009, 11:50
A Few Good Men  

We're officially there. Everything either works or has an acceptable placeholder. I am now accepting "applications" for testing.

If you are interested in playing a potentially buggy, horribly unbalanced game to help me work through the kinks, please contact me through the regular channels (e-mail, IM, IRC [lunarnet]) or by leaving comments here.

That is all.


Thu, Mar 19th 2009, 11:00
Ship Shape  

Each week more boring than the last. This week I fought with the details of redoing the player's hull system. The current approach is pretty neat, but sadly will not take well to sprite art. I'm pretty sure this is largely thanks to my love of vector games (and my use of vector art instead of sprites as placeholders); so, I frequently overplay my object-deformation hand.

Now, to make this work I've distilled it down to a small palette of different designs, each offering a unique purpose / focus. This should actually make ship building simpler and more straightforward for the player, even if it does lose some of its previous "Hey, neat!" factor.

It's now just a matter of implementation. I'm also intending to do the unthinkable and drop in some placeholder art for these so we can get some people playing it sooner rather than later.


Wed, Mar 11th 2009, 18:58
Crawling Along  

For my part, very minimal work this week. Implemented some more new art and did some light refactoring of Ooze. I'm feeling miserly, so no new screens this week.


Wed, Mar 4th 2009, 12:32

Well, it's just a few days shy of a year since I switched gears and started working on Spacegame. I can say it's come quite a long way, even if it took longer to get here than I originally wanted. I definitely could've been done by now had I not wasted so much time fighting over what to do for the combat system or chasing other endeavors. Interestingly, because of these detours I was able to recruit the supremely talented Hyptosis and am also significantly more confident in the design, having had the opportunity to explore some other paths.

Recent progress mostly boils down to implementing the new art assets as I get them. Since there isn't much else to talk about, I'll celebrate this temporal milestone by offering the one thing I never do: screens. Full resolution ones at that (click to see full size). Yeah, who loves you?