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Sun, Jul 13th 2008, 13:25

Well, there was a fair chance it would happen and, though it's later than I would've preferred, it's better now than even further down the line. In short: this puzzle-for-combat thing just doesn't feel right. I am pulling a complete 180 and backing out of it.

This means a number of things. The bad news is that it will be virtually impossible to make my originally intended deadline. The good news, though, is that it will be a better, more cohesive experience. I also now have a solid foundation for a nifty puzzle game further down the line. A bit of scary news: I'm not actually going back to my original combat system either. Instead I'm going to try my hand at a sort of action / RTS fusion thing.

Considering the time spent tinkering with the puzzle stuff and the scope of the new system, I estimate to be an entire month behind. We'll see how the next week or two goes, but the odds of making the August deadline are looking pretty bleak.

This post is screenshot free, given that the project is just now changing gears and I haven't had a chance to bang anything out yet. I'm excited about the new direction and am confident that after the dust settles, this will have all been for the best. I'm going to try to be a bit more open about development now that the end is in sight. Look forward to next week when I reveal how some of this new system works!


Sun, Jul 6th 2008, 17:14
Beyond Barhopping  

This weeks festivities included:

* An epic class refactor job.
* Repairing an infuriating bug in the chain system.
* Adding proper bars for the player.
* And more!

So, I actually got quite a bit done this week. It's just not the forward-momentum productivity stuff I was hoping for. Improvements are improvements, though, and it's looking more and more like a real game with each passing day.

Current state:

The only real visual difference is the presence of those colored bars. Exciting, I know. Looking at a calendar, it seems I have just under four weeks left. This is ample time to finish, provided I don't become too distracted.