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Thu, Dec 27th 2007, 12:15
Could Be Worse  

It's probably just coincidence, but it seems like ever since I joined Gruedorf, I actually get less done. This was another hectic week of minimal progress, some sketching and planning but nothing major. I am no longer going to try and predict when the next big update will occur; I'm tired of being wrong. Look forward to next week when maybe, just maybe, great things will happen.


Thu, Dec 20th 2007, 15:52
Weakest Week  

As promised, this week's update is pretty lousy. Most of my (limited) progress has been more character and environment concepts. Sadly, I am unable to demonstrate these for you now. With any luck, next week will be the tasty update that's so long overdue.


Thu, Dec 13th 2007, 17:07
Quick and Dirty  

First, the good news: I now have a working engine rough-cut in LuaVerge. Now, the bad: the next week looks to be rather hectic for me, so I can almost guarantee the next update will be lame. Finally, the worst: my internet connection is on the fritz (I'm making this post from a nearby internet cafe). So, this week's update, which should have been grand and sprinkled with delicious screenshots is, in fact, quite plain and disappointing.


Thu, Dec 6th 2007, 15:31
Ho-Hum Conundrum  

I didn't really think I could top last week's update, but here we are and, sure enough, it's an even bigger disappointment. Not so much because little is getting done -- quite the opposite! It's all either very mundane stuff (becoming comfortable with Lua) or yet to be disclosed stuff (super-secret design). But plenty is being done; in particular, I think the world design is really starting to come together. I'm actually starting to get itchy fingers for releasing information, so it's only a (short) matter of time until I crack this thing wide open.


Thu, Nov 29th 2007, 16:09
Lua Luau  

Nothing substantial to report this week; I've been considering jumping aboard the LuaVerge bandwagon. As such, I spent some of this week experimenting with Lua to see if it's worth the extra trouble to learn, but have yet to decide either way. I also drew a few character portraits which, until I get a scanner, are of little use.


Thu, Nov 22nd 2007, 22:11
Protoman Dash  

I ended up making two (okay, three, but two of them were different incarnations of the same thing) prototypes as a sort of feasibility assessment. Provided below are sexy screens. No, really. Well, maybe it's just my vector fetish. Either way, look on in amazement at my mindblowing circles and lines!

Camera Prototype

I'm not using any of the built-in rubbish, so I need to be sure that I have a workable map system that caters to my specific needs. "What needs are those?" you may ask. Wouldn't you like to know! Perhaps you can decypher something from the screen. Perhaps.

Combat Prototype

Behold, the mighty combat prototype. This is very quick and dirty and lacks basically every feature. It does, however, give me confidence that the player interaction is manageable and can, indeed, be made fun to play. This is good.

So what does it all mean? It means that the game is a go. And I'm having a bit of fun doing what I have so far, though I see some rough patches looming in the distance. Ah well, we'll get there soon enough.


Fri, Nov 16th 2007, 16:35
A Bold Move?  

VERGE, I choose you!

This may seem unsurprising, but there was, in fact, great deliberation about it. As much as I've come to love VERGE, it has some shortcomings that are getting harder to ignore as the things I want to take on become larger and more elaborate. In spite of this, VERGE has won me over yet again (this time). The reality is that, as a one-man operation, I just can't argue with the rapid development that it offers. If that means I have to work around a few kinks, so be it. It's worth it to me.

Now, about the game itself: This is something I've been half kicking around for a good year or two now. I'm electing to not describe it as anything more than "Tactical Action RPG" for now. That's probably somewhat inaccurate, but it does get your curiousity juices flowing, no?

It's had a few false starts before now, but I've finally managed to sit down and really hammer out the design. This is a boon not just to morale, but also to productivity, since I've gone to the trouble of working everything out in advance instead of, well, when I realize that something wasn't clearly thought through and needs much fixing. At least I think I've thought it all through..

Anyhow, I've actually gotten quite a bit done. Honest. But because it's all super-secret design stuff and I'm a jerk, you don't get any details. There is good news, though! Over the coming week I'll work up a prototype to make sure this will actually be fun to play. Screens will no doubt be in order.


Sat, Nov 10th 2007, 18:15
Minty Fresh Breath of Life  

"It's alive"

In response to the Gruedorf challenge (and considerable nagging by several parties), I've cobbled together this little corner of the web (with the help and "encouragement" of the fabulous Ben McGraw). Here I intend to demonstrate my indisputable awesomeness and just how hopeless the rest of the contenders (more like pretenders) are. Wielding my mighty Iron Fist of Productivity™, I will crush and humiliate all comers.

Chest thumping aside, I'm excited to be participating, even though I think my track record clearly shows that I'm plenty productive on my own, which brings up another point: the nature of this contest, being actively public, goes against my normal ritual for working on a project. I'd much prefer to lurk in the shadows, toiling away and then unload my awesome wares when least expected. In light of this, I'm expecting that my updates will be very teaser-like in nature until I see fit to start revealing the meaty parts -- you have been warned. So, for now, the details of my project are super-duper secret and the curious will just have to wait for the next update to get their first taste.

Unrelated to Gruedorf, you'll also notice that I've included a selection of my Games for you to play and enjoy if you haven't already (or would like to again); I'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that the wundermint comes in a variety of tasty flavors. Feel free to choose to chew the view for you.